Map scene finished

Hi everybody!
I finished (finally) the map scene, although it didn't go as planned (a top-down view of the map simcity-style), it is fully working, with androids running for the city and your car, ready to descend and chase them.

Maybe some of you are wondering "Why did you change the style of the map?", well, I was trying with the styles and I chose the most simple one! :) For the other ones, one looked good, but it was more suitable to a sim-city style game actually, not a chase-and-gun game. I was thinking to draw all the details after the buildings, with people and flying cars, flashy ads floating around and many other things... too much things for a simple run-game and just one programmer who is not an artist or animator! :D So I have failed, from this point of view, but I didn't give up and I get around the obstacle, and for me it worked. The map is simple and it is works super fine, I may say that it is more legible than the one from the original game too!

So, after that I glued the two scenes together, did some bug fixing and added some little key helpers instead of the old ugly settings panel (read the manual for the keys, please!) and here we go, the game is taking shape.

I hope you enjoy this demo, I'm not done yet as I'm planning to add some meaning to the money earned (like a shop for buying medikit and so on), and replace that "Sector 1" in the bottom panel of the chase scene with something more useful (like a stamina bar...), without forgetting the proper title and death screens!

Stay tuned!

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Dec 05, 2017

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