New version of HuntDroid

Hi everybody,
I have uploaded a new version of my game, it is 90% complete, here is the change log:

- Added title screen
- Added summary screen (it shows you your earnings or losses)
- Added highscore system and screen
- New gameplay mechanism: Buy Medikit (it costs you 350 credits and heals 2 HPs, sold on map screen)
- New gameplay mechanism: Stamina (works like a timer, when it runs out, you get back to the map screen with no bounty earned)

Here's what is missing:
- Death screen (now it just shows you a empty screen)
- Soundtrack!
- Possible bugs fixing and some very minor gameplay changes

Let me know your opinion, I hope you enjoy the game :)
See you!


HuntDroid (Win) 11 MB
Dec 16, 2017
HuntDroid (Lnx) 18 MB
Dec 16, 2017
HuntDroid (Mac) 18 MB
Dec 16, 2017

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