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Hi there, how are you?
At the moment I'm drawing the map where the "search & destroy" scene will take place. The original map was divided in 9 sectors, which were basically one sector copied 9 nine times and changed the layout a bit. I was planning to do the same, namely a map divided by 9 quadrants, but with redone graphics and with different "theme": for example the sectors 1-2-3 will be the industrial part of the city, 4-5-6 the urban part. 7-8-9 the docks part. Now the problem is that drawing 9 sector in pixel art for me is a pain in the a** a bit, because I'm not a proficient artist and I haven't so much free time, so I probably will end to down the number of sectors to 4-6. we will see.

In the meanwhile I leave you with the pics of the first drawing phases:
1) In the first (leftmost) image I wanted to transpose  the old layout to a new one 1:1, with the same lines but different colors and graphics; I discarded the idea because one can't tell if you are looking at buildings or just grey rectangles and lines so I passed the second layout
2) I liked this one (central pic) a lot more, I changed the perspective, giving height to the buildings and define something that looks like a city, still... I wanted to transmit a sense of claustrophobia, a bustling city with lights and closed spaces, and this one wasn't complying with my vision because I was STILL following the old layout, so...
3) I scratched the old model, starting a new one (rightmost image) which, you can see, looks a lot more a claustrophobic city, still it is just a base where I will add the details that can be found in the left bottom corner of the previous map.

So, said that, I'm detailing and polishing the third layout to be the starting point of the map scene, I will keep you updated on my future developments.

See ya!

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